Marketing Your Business Online

by sageworkspaceon 11 Dec 2017

Find Temporary Office Space for Your Company While in NYC

by sageworkspaceon 18 Oct 2016

There are various reasons why a company may require temporary space to place their business in. Some business owners are starting out and cannot afford a professional space in a prominent area of the city. While others may only be in town for a few days or weeks to finalize a business transaction. Other companies … Continue reading Find Temporary Office Space for Your Company While in NYC

Short Term Rental is Available for Anyone Who Requires a Temporary Office

by sageworkspaceon 12 Sep 2016

For anyone that travels for work, it can be quite frustrating trying to find a professional and private place to conduct business in. If you travel to the city for only a few days ever so often, you do not want the added business expense of retaining an office space that remains empty most of … Continue reading Short Term Rental is Available for Anyone Who Requires a Temporary Office

5 Top Trends Driving Growth of the Shared Workspace Industry in NYC

by sageworkspaceon 6 Jun 2016

At the time I met Tapua I had just completed an extensive analysis of the shared workspace industry in NYC, including top trends driving temporary office space rental growth. It was for a client developing next generation workspace designed to

The Fastest Growing Shared Workspace Segment in NYC

by sageworkspaceon 6 Jun 2016

Transitioning from long-term shared workspace leases in NYC to a workspace on demand business model has been a daring, but successful pursuit for Tapua. When I first arrived at Sage Workspace, he was in the midst of capitalizing on top trends driving the NYC shared workspace industry. With the midtown real estate market continuing to

Where to Purchase the Cheapest Virtual Office Plan in NYC

by sageworkspaceon 6 Jun 2016

One of our key strategies is focused on offering our premium office space on Fifth Avenue to a broader market. As the cost of Midtown Manhattan office space continues to rise we understand that many businesses are looking to cut costs, and also looking for ways in which they can secure a prestigious business address

Customer Testimonials That Say It All

by sageworkspaceon 6 Jun 2016

Whether you’re a start-up business needing a shared workspace to get going or a well-established company looking to expand, Sage Workspace has multiple services including training rooms in NYC that fit your busy schedule.

The Benefits of Easily Accessible Conference Rooms

by sageworkspaceon 6 Jun 2016

As a seasoned Sales Professional, you know that face to face interaction with people is an important part of maintaining relationships with clients.

Today’s mobile, freelance and sharing workforce in New York City requires affordable work and meeting space without a commitment to long-term office space contracts or monthly membership fees.