Here’s How to Keep Your Business Successful Even When Working From Home

There’s been a quiet revolution happening in startups across America. More and more companies are ditching the traditional office space and focusing instead on working from home. It’s an approach that offers tremendous freedom and flexibility, and is ideal in many ways for the hectic world of modern global business that no longer adheres to the 9-5 schedule.

While working from home has many benefits, it can be a difficult transition for someone who’s not used to it, and there can be hiccups in productivity that can occur when you’re trying to learn how to effectively self-motivate. Here are some tips for success when you’re working from home.

Get a Reputable Address

Let’s be real; no matter how impressive your resume or your products are, customers are going to be skeptical when they see that your physical address is a random residential apartment.

Instead, rent a 5th Avenue office space. Even if your products are superior to your better-financed competition, customers don’t want to take a gamble on a company that doesn’t seem legitimate, and your physical address is a big part of this. Rent some virtual office space with a swanky address to show your potential customers that you’re here to stay, and they’ll feel more at ease with purchasing your services.

Stick to a Schedule

The vast majority of problems with productivity come down to a scheduling problem. After all, when people work from home there’s no boss breathing down their neck telling them they have to finish a project by a certain date. They have to keep themselves on task, and this can be difficult for someone to learn if they’re not used to it.

Sticking to a consistent daily schedule helps a lot, and will keep you focused and on task instead of letting you waste your day on Facebook.