How to Land Those First Few Coaching Clients

The life coaching industry is booming, with many people from all walks of life looking to get a coach to help them with their personal, romantic, or business challenges. If you’re an energetic go-getter with a strong sense of self-motivation and a deep desire to help people in need, life coaching might be a great career path for you.

The hardest part of starting up a coaching business is landing the first few clients. You might end up going months at first without any real bites, and when you do get a client, they might just stick around for a few sessions before falling off. If you’re new to the coaching biz and looking to get a solid start, here are some tips for getting and keeping your initial clients.

Show Professionalism

When your customer looks up your physical address, do they see a sleek 5th Avenue office space or a plain residential home? When they look up your website, do they see a professionally designed wonder or a clumsy mess? When you meet them in person, are you well-dressed and clean, or shabby and unkempt?

Your image is everything in this business. Clients will only want to work with you if you can inspire them to become someone they admire, and you’re only going to do that if you’re projecting an image of professionalism and poise.

Reach Out on Social Media

Look up lifestyle blogs and online communities that cater to your style of coaching, and use those platforms to help advertise your services. Don’t come off as desperate; rather, try to write up a blog post of your own and offer it as free value to the audience to get them to come to your website.

Once they’re there you can direct them to your service page and show them how to get even more of the value that they’re interested in.