Virtual Office in Manhattan: Attaining a Prestigious Address Is More Affordable Than You Think

A startup company that’s first getting off the ground may be one of the hardest things to catapult into a recognizable brand or service (depending on what markets you are trying to penetrate) for the everyday consumer or business. Other than establishing the brand and making it profitable, there’s another thing that consumers and businesses may look for when searching for potential goods and services. These prospects will ask: Where is the business located?

First of all, why would you want a virtual office in Manhattan and how would it benefit your business? Let’s just say you live in a small suburb in New Jersey or Connecticut and want to keep your home address shielded from potential clients. A virtual office space is the perfect solution to keep it tucked away from them! Just think of not being bothered and focusing on your goals like getting your company off the ground. Along with having the privacy to run your business through your own home, you’ll now have a recognizable and reputable virtual office space in Manhattan that clients will be wowed over. This virtual office in Manhattan is located in Midtown on Fifth Avenue, a primetime location for booming and established businesses and will ooze with excellence in the perception of your clients. Normal real estate like this wouldn’t even cost anywhere near what a virtual office space would rent for. What’s more is you don’t only get a primetime address to have your business associated with, you also get an NYC area code, telephone number, administration, and a list of other services.

If you’re weary about renting in New York City and don’t really have the budget for it just yet, why not set up a virtual office in Manhattan through Sage Workspace? You get all the aforementioned benefits and none of the typical big city drawbacks. We offer three competitive packages that give you more service options the more you pay monthly; it just depends on what kind of services you need. So, if you’re a startup company looking for a prestigious address, look no further than Sage Workspace for all of your virtual office needs!