There are various reasons why a company may require temporary space to place their business in. Some business owners are starting out and cannot afford a professional space in a prominent area of the city. While others may only be in town for a few days or weeks to finalize a business transaction. Other companies may only require a place to move their company while their usual office is being remodeled or built. Whether you are starting out or an established company there is affordable temporary office space in NYC that will suit your needs.

Benefits of Renting a Temporary Space

  • If you are new to the area, you will not be stuck in a yearlong or more lease while trying to find the right location for your company.
  • A short-term lease can mean anywhere from a few hours to a few months depending on your needs to for the space.
  • An answering service and other amenities can be provided when you select the right place to rent your office space from.
  • It will give your company a prestigious address to use while in town or setting up your company.
  • You gain the same benefits of a long-term rental without having to enter a contract.

A Trusted Rental Firm Can Offer You the Space that Your Company Requires

If you are new to the city or searching for a place to temporarily setup your company, you want to work with an established and trusted firm that is well-known in the business community. Sage Workspace understands that sometimes their client’s require space immediately. They can meet their demands with various office space locations they have available. Whether their clients are searching for an office to share with other businesses or no need a temporary place to finalize a deal. They can provide you with affordable options that will meet the needs of your company.